Pengolahan Air Laut - WRO - SW

Product Description

WRO series Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, can be implemented in any kind of enterprise easily with models up to 42 lt/hour- 834 lt/hour capacities.

Standard design of WRO series reverse sea water osmosis (Desalination) units is made according to 35,000 ppm TDS (total dissolved solid matter) value. Systems? operating efficiency is determined by making project specific designs according to the properties of raw water.
With 42 lt/hour -834 lt/hour treatment capacity, it provides a perfect solution for treatment of potable water, general utility water and process water from sea water. System recovery rate is 10% - 30%.
Maximum operating pressure is 60 bars. Uses stainless steel frame. High pressure lines are manufactured from flexible or 316 L stainless steel. Utilizes piston type high pressure pump
-304 SS frame -Operable without requiring operator intervention -TDS < 35,000 ppm
-Product line conductivity meter -Low operating cost -18 C nominal operating temperature
-Flushing valve -Automatic flushing and starting feature -Min. 3 bar input pressure demand
-Production Flowmeter -Visual monitoring facility with automation -Max. 67 bar operating pressure
-Production and Waste Flowmeter -All automation alarms -Flux 16 L/m2/h
-Low and high pressure manometer -System status indicators on the automation panel -SDI < 3
-Low and high pressure switches   -Iron < 0,01 mg/lt
-H. pressure lines 316 L stainless steel OPTIONAL FEATURES -Manganese/Aluminum <0,025 mg/lt
-Low pressure lines PVC -Acid dosing unit -Barium, Strontium in trace amounts
-Automation panel -Antiscalant dosing unit -Boron: 0,4 mg/lt
-1000 PSI (70 bar) resistant FRP sheath -PH and ORP control units -Free Chlorine, Oxidant matter: none
    -Hydrocarbons, Oil and Grease: none
    -Hydrogen sulfur: none
    -BOI, KOI: none
    -Bacteriological pollution: none