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Combined Containerized Ultra Filtration & RO Plant - WRO-C-SW

Product Description


                                 WRO-SW REVERSE OSMOSIS SEA WATER - RO AIR LAUT - SEA WATER RO                                                                                                                                                                                                              

-304 SS frame -Operable without requiring operator intervention -TDS < 40,000
-Product line conductivity meter -Low operating cost - 25,000 ppm
-4 pieces of digital flowmeter -Automatic flushing and starting feature -Recovery 35%
-Low and high pressure manometers -Visual monitoring facility with automation -18 C nominal operating temperature
-Low and high pressure switches -All automation alarms -Min. 3 bar input pressure demand
-Automation panel -System status indicators on the automation panel -Max. 67 bar operating pressure
-Low pressure lines PVC - High energy saving with ERI unit -Flux 11-14 L/m2/h
-High pressure lines duplex stainless    
-ERI (Energy Recovery) System OPTIONAL FEATURES  
-1000 PSI (70 bar) resistant FRP sheath -Acid dosing unit  
-Hydranautics brand 8040 Membrane -Antiscalant dosing unit  
-Chemical wash and automatic flushing -PH and ORP control units  
-High pressure pump frequency converter    
-Softstart control for all pumps