3500 liters/ Day Sea Water - DSW-3500L

Product Description

The renewable powered desalination system SS 100 is a mobile, compact and completely self-sufficient appliance and included the complete power production pack with wind, PV and batteries. It can produce approximately 3,500 litres of drinking water every day.

The core part of the system is a reverse osmosis system with unparalleled efficiency and a propriatory pressure recovery system. Despite the high technical requirements on the appliance, the system is simple to operate and is impressive in its ease of use.

The system is very quick to construct, consists of various modular building blocks and is, among other uses, completely suitable for use in sunny countries or during natural catastrophes. However, even small hotels on the sea, or drinking water production from saline sources are among the typical areas for its application.

The system (Version SS 100) is supplied with the complete power pack (wind generator...), which additionally provides the energy required.

The desalination unit (SB 002) is also available without the energy components if local energy is provided.

Technical specification

Raw water source:                        Sea water, anorganic contamination up to TDS 40,000 mg/l
Size of removed particles:             Demineralisation
Quality of produced water:            Demineralized
Application / Installation:              Local installation / Decentralized   
Appliance design:                          anodized aluminum and chrome steel

Intake pump                                  1 piece max. 1000 l/h / 6 bar pressure
Tube packet                                   20m

Motorized back wash pump           1 piece 100 Microns
Motorized back wash pump           2 pieces 25 Microns
Desalting system                           3 x RO (pressure recovery included)
Activated carbon filter                    1 piece 20 Microns

Energy consumption:                      650 W/h (unit)
Energy consumption:                      900 W/h (incl. borehole pump)
Capacity:                                        160 - 290 l/h (depending on raw water)
Weight:                                          450 kg
External dimensions:                     1600 x 900 x 1150 mm

Version E (incl PV, Wind and Battery components)
Bergey Wind turbine                      1 piece max. 1000 W/h
Solar cells                                      6 pieces max. 1240 W/h
VRLA Maintenance free batteries   4 pieces 12 V - 200 AH/Battery Weight  

net 1400 kg 

External dimensions                      1700 x 1500 x 1500 mm