1800 liters/ Day Sea Water - SW-1800L

Product Description

You can have fresh, pure water for drinking, shower or general home use. You can get it from brackish water or salt water in even the most remote locations. Only sufficient sun and salt water is required.


The PV RO TWU 010 is simple to use, easy to install, quiet, very energy efficient and it delivers up to 60 liters per hour or 1800 liters per day (20 hour operation). The system uses a special version of an exclusive pump intensifier that has been proven for over ten years in thousand of land based and marine application. The intensifier maintains the proper pressures in the membrane throughout a wide range of temperatures and water conditions without any adjustments or loss of product water output.

This pump, unlike conventional systems, is a hydraulic pressure intensifier that derives its motive force for making water from a low pressure feed water source. Just one pump and motor in the well feeding the pump membrane does the entire job. It reduces energy consumption by as much as 75% over conventional systems.

The control system (optional) may be manually switched or activated by an automatic timer system. It is also possible to operate the system with start and stop storage tank level switches.

WATTECH PV RO TWU 010 technical specification

External dimensions                                   500 x 400 x 1800 mm
Weight                                                                 net 160 kg
Appliance design:                                                anodized aluminum and chrome steel
Salinity level                                                        Up to TDS 40,000 mg/l
Intake pump                                                       1 piece max. 800 l/h
Tube packet                                                       20m
Feed pump pressure                                          8 bar   
Motorized/Manual back wash pump (exclusive) 1 piece    25 Microns
Pre filter                                                             1 piece 5 Microns
Desalting system (exclusive pressure recovery)1 piece  60-90 l/h
Activated carbon filter                                        1 piece 20 Microns
Energy consumption per unit                             150 W
Energy consumption (incl. pump)                       400W
Power connections                                             220V AC, 110V AC, 24 VDC

Optional: Drinking water tank, pressure pump for drinking water, PV power centre