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Reverse Osmosis RO HIGH pressure Pump HPP Sea Water RO - FEDCO Pump SSD HPB H

Product Description

Hydraulic Pressure Boosters (HPBs)

FEDCO leads the industry in turbocharger efficiency as the first and only company to exceed 80% transfer efficiency. The same technology used in our record-setting unite is used throughout our entire HPB product line.

Superior efficiency comes with superior reliability as FEDCO offers an industry-leading three year limited warranty on the HPB product line. Our high quality design includes:

  • Total elimination of all external tubing and valves
  • One-piece rotor construction
  • Multi-vane diffuser
  • Rotor-flo thrust bearing lubrication

The HPB comes in both standard and mega system sizes.

Compare other suppliers with FEDCO for real-world comparisons and you will find system builders and end-users prefer the FEDCO brand HPB turbocharger energy recovery for efficiency and service. Certified test results confirm, FEDCO turbochargers are up to 10% more efficient. FEDCO is the foremost leader in the turbocharger efficiency with guaranteed performance and the only units with 80+% transfer efficiency. Our engineering and manufacturing teams have the most experience and most advanced test equipment for continuous efficiency improvements.

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